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Erris Pure

Erris Pure Turf Soap

Erris Pure Turf Soap

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From a local bog the primary ingredient, turf, exhibits the colour and raw texture of this most important element in Irish history. Hand cut and traditionally dried and harvested, the turf is finely grated to provide exfoliating qualities that freshen and invigorate just like the bog itself. The bog's rugged yet tranquil nature is combined with warm, woody and powerful oils such as Vetiver and Rosewood with a freshness coming from Bergamot and Tea Tree. (Vegan).

Heather, turf and seaweed all from the local bog and shoreline and Lavender from Achill gardens.

Raw materials come from the beaches, mountains and bogs; seaweeds, spring water, heather and turf.

Flowers, leaves and herbs from local island gardens.

Erris Pure products are pure, organic, sustainable and hypoallergenic. 

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