About Us


Lúnasa was opened on the 1st of August 2012 by me, Rosaleen.  A love of Irish craft, making things and community, prompted me to start dreaming of a place which offered customers these. Lúnasa promotes the makers in the area and encourages others to get making themselves.  

We landed in Belmullet in early 2012 and even though we got married here in 2011 and had no plans to move on a permanent basis. However, a few twists of fate and we were moving to Belmullet the week of their 1st anniversary. The connection to the area is my wonderful dad who sadly died in 2010 leaving a huge gap in all his 6 girls' lives. I comes from a family of shopkeepers and a walk along the main street in Belmullet you will see my cousins shop 'McAndrews' often referred to as Billy's, my late uncle. Opposite is the site of the shoe shop that my grandfather and his father had and still is the 'family' home. 

I went in the family business working for Boots for 15 years nurtured my crafty side in my 'free time' always doing a class at night school learning a new skill such as sewing, pottery, photography and writing. These classes also included French, Italian and Arabic and hopefully these will help in the new pursuit of learning Irish. 

Lúnasa is a vision of mine that is always work in progress. So what is that vision….well it's quite simply to promote and provide access to crafts and that personal touch in gifts in a creative, mindful space. 

In our online store you will find a carefully curated collection of our favourite things and a few of our best sellers too. It's impossible for us to offer everything we do online as most of our products are limited or handcrafted.

If you want to spoil yourself with the full collection then come and visit us in our  cosy, welcoming shop with the pieces that you find hugely from Mayo and Ireland, a few vintage things as well as a small collection of Fair Trade handmade goods for parts of the world I have travelled to. And it would not be complete without the Autentíco paint range that provides the bright colour on the front of the shop and on all the wonderful furniture inside. We love to meet new people for a friendly chat! 

My story wouldn't be complete without my wonderful husband and out 3 gorgeous children. Tom is a Essex boy who was lulled to Mayo by the golfing and fishing. He started as the muscles of the business, painting, laying floors and knocking out old counters and it's by no means finished. However, since opening he is getting more and more crafty and has a particular flare for pottery. Our daughter, Francesca is already learning how to serve behind the counter  and I'm sure in time the twins will as well. 

And I can't not mention my family & friends who give me moral and physical  support set up and make being a self employed, working mammy possible. 


Vision - Responsible Retail where Success is measured by happiness.

Mission - To make shopping ethically accessible without compromising on design. 

Our Values

We sell over 40 makers in Mayo and many more from around Ireland. We believe in showcasing the skills and uniqueness in our community and country to keep alive local skills, sustain the economy and reduces our carbon footprint. 

Fairly Traded
Our products made outside of Ireland are fair trade. We believe in products that are skilfully handmade. We work with suppliers that ensures those people making them receives a fair wage.

Empowering People
At Lúnasa we want to get people involved in crafting and making. We believe in the social and mental benefits of working with you hands so we try to pass on our skills and ideas as we believe we can pass on little pieces of happiness. 

We believe that by giving something back we strengthen our community. We use our skills to provide education, business skills and development where we live & work.

We strive to run our business with practices that don't cost the earth.