Our Values

Vision - Responsible Retail where Success is measured by happiness.

Our Mission - To make shopping ethically accessible without compromising on design. 

We are passionate about ensuring the majority of our products where are Irish and sourced as locally as possible. We look for suppliers that embrace traditional artisan skills in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

Our range of Irish and Fair Trade includes many eco-friendly gifts and ethical gifts, for which we ensure that, as a minimum, workers are paid good wages, work in a safe environment, do not experience discrimination, and ensure there is no child labour or forced labour. 

Our Values

We sell over 40 makers in Mayo and many more from around Ireland. We believe in showcasing the skills and uniqueness in our community and Ireland keeps alive local skills, sustains the economy and reduces our carbon footprint. 

Our products made outside of Ireland are fair trade and Ethical. We believe in products that are skilfully handmade. We work with suppliers that ensures those people making them receives a fair wage.

At Lúnasa we believe in the social and mental benefits of working with you hands.  The relationship between an artisan and a beautiful handmade piece creates a story, which makes each product not a mass market item, but an individually crafted piece.

Empowering People
The traditional skills used by our suppliers have been handed down from generation to generation. We value this age-old knowledge and hope to help keep it alive. We love the character in each item, the handmade nature of our products is what we believe sets us apart. We want to protect these skills.

We believe that by giving something back we strengthen our community. We use our skills to provide education, business skills and development where we live & work.

We strive to run our business with practices that don't cost the earth. 

BE YOURSELF. ALWAYS:  We’re quirky, proud and at our best when we are free to be ourselves.