Erris Pure Seaweed Soap

This 170gm soap on the rope, perfect for hair and body is pure Mayo.
With the added zest of Dillisk harvested from local beaches and incorporated into our traditional hand made soap bar, adding an unmistakeable surfy fragrance and a restorative essence to this wholly natural product. 
Together with the Cedarwood essential oil we have married the strong floral Geranium with the fresh citrusy vibrance of Lemongrass and the sweet balsamic Bergamot. The effect is as healing and invigorating as a brisk walk on the Strand.

The emphasis is on natural purity and sustainability. Using vegetable ingredients that are organic and Fairtrade. The only animal contents, beeswax and tussah silk, are animal friendly. The methodology follows the ancient cold process of saponification, traceable to around 2,000 BC, and starting with local mountain spring water from Achill - the basis for our purity and simplicity.

Heather, turf and seaweed all from the local bog and shoreline and Lavender from Achill gardens.

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