Erris Pure Bog Heather Soap

This Vegan friendly soap is a traditional, pure recipe with the unique addition of locally harvested heather flowers, also known as Ling, the beautiful heather hue is synonymous with the hills and acid bogs of Mayo.
To highlight the subtle scent of fresh heather it's combined with a blend of five essential oils giving a warm floral understated aroma. Spicy, warm Thyme is balanced by Clove with it's fresh fruitiness complimented with floral undertones from Ylang-ylang, Geranium and Lavender. The effect is both calming and balancing.

The emphasis is on natural purity and sustainability. Using vegetable ingredients that are organic and Fairtrade. The only animal contents, beeswax and tussah silk, are animal friendly. The methodology follows the ancient cold process of saponification, traceable to around 2,000 BC, and starting with local mountain spring water from Achill - the basis for our purity and simplicity.


Heather, turf and seaweed all from the local bog and shoreline and Lavender from Achill gardens.

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