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Erris Pure

Erris Pure Blacksod Bay Seaweed Bar

Erris Pure Blacksod Bay Seaweed Bar

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This 170gm soap on the rope, perfect for hair and body is pure Mayo. With the added zest of Dillisk seaweed harvested from local beaches of Blacksod Bay, and the wonderful qualities attributed to the olive, avocado, castor and other natural vegetable oils. The rather intoxicating scent combination of eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and thyme create an effect as healing and invigorating as a walk on the Strand.

The unique properties of seaweed make it an excellent soap for cleansing and re-energize your skin. Not only is seaweed a vitamin-packed food, it can actually help exfoliate and nourish your skin. Seaweed soap exfoliates the skin. The gritty bits of seaweed within the soap remove dead cells on the skin. This action reveals the newer skin growth beneath the skin’s surface, while helping unclog pores and reducing acne breakouts. 

You can help the environment when you pick a sustainable soap. While we use vegetable ingredients that are organic and fairtrade. We are animal friendly the only animal contents are beeswax and tussah silk we use.

Heather, turf and seaweed all from the local bog and shoreline and Lavender from Achill gardens.


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