Collection: *She Design He Prints

It’s simple really…she’s a graphic designer, he’s a printer!

They’ve known each other since they were both brunettes (the grey’s kicking in now, we’re not gonna lie!) They worked together and after many years of experience decided in 2011 to set up a print and design company together and so smartimaging was born. Happily situated in Portobello, Dublin 8 their little business stayed afloat, grew, employed people and is now a busy little bespoke print house.

However always looking for new challenges these two decided to put she designs doodling habit to good use and create a range of greeting cards…so after keeping her in a darkened room for some time and feeding her coffee and chocolate she designs he prints was born.

This quirky range of cards has something for every occasion and even some celebrations you havent thought of! They are all lovingly created, printed, packed and posted off to you from portobello, so buying one of these cards is truly an exercise in keeping it local.