It was a busy week of events - Chinese New Year, shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and today, Valentine's Day. I don't remember Lent starting this early, ever but when we think of Easter we think of Spring and I think the best thing that happened this week was a bit of sunshine.

It's been a long winter, I think made worst by giving storms more airtime and a name, and never has a bit of sunshine been so needed. Imogen was the final straw and discussions with Tom that I couldn't take another winter of 'this' led to dreams of moving to a tropical climate, well for the winter at least.But that one day of sunshine revived me. I went to Achill to get some spring stock and a walk on the beach blew away the winter blues. So now thoughts of moving have quickly been replaced by plans for the year ahead. 

January always feels like I'm tieing up Christmas and bits and bobs from last year.  I like the sale as its a great time to make way for new things.

February is different it's about starting to make concrete plans for the projects I want to accomplish this year and in this month I'm getting started. It's also when the new stock starts arriving!
I love finding new stock, new suppliers and tweaking the range of things we have. For spring and summer we've got some beautiful new Stuff from clothing to ???

The one thing I'm really delighted about is the new jewellery. Last year all our jewellery was handmade but it was from outside of Ireland. I've searched long and hard last year to get all handmade and all Irish and we've four new makers coming in. Here's a few samples to whet you appetite but keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages to see what's new! 



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