Whats in a coffee

In today's world a hot drink to go is the norm but when it comes to the cost of that drink not all coffee is the same. I don't mean the price, of course that will differ from place to place but the actual coffee can cost a lot more than we bargained for. 

In Lúnasa is not surprise that the tea and coffee that we use are from Irish suppliers and while the ingredients are coming from afar as the Irish climate won't allow us to grow coffee beans or tea leaves locally produced goods means they have a smaller carbon footprint and of course are pumping money back into the local economy. And the fact that it tastes amazing is an added, yet essential bonus. 

Aside from the ingredients the cup, the lid, even what you use to stir in can impact the environment. 

Our take away cups are made from paper lined with biodegradable PLA - renewable plant starch plastic. Certified for Industrial Composters and have a double wall so there is no need for sleeves that produce extra waste. And once our current supply has run down we have sourced a new supply that are MADE IN IRELAND and "completely compostable". 

Lids are made from PLA vegetable based plastic. Suitable for industrial composers and our wooden stirrers are 190mm, FSC certified wood, 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable. 


Need a tray to carry your coffee? No problem. Our biodegradable compostable 4-cup trays which have a perforation down the middle so they can easily be split into two 2-cup carry trays to reduce waste. 

Fancy a take away soup - all our packaging come from the same supplier with the same green credentials. Our green cutlery made from plastic with an added oxidising agent. They degrade, then biodegrade on land, at sea, in sunshine or dark, in heat or cold and will convert into water, CO2 and biomass. 

If you sit down and have the coffee 'in' you can do so knowing that all our dishes are washed using Lily's Eco clean products. An Irish company that produce eco friendly cleaning products, which are chemical free and made from 100% biodegradable ingredients. The bottle are made from 50% post consumer recycled plastic, which means 50% of the plastic is being reincarnated as a Lilly's Eco Clean bottle and can again be recycled.

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