February 12, 2017


tahiniWhen I lived in the Middle East many people thought it was strange that I didn't have a strong need to be married and have a family and they would often ask me what do you want to do with your life. So I took some time to think about it and realised that my great passion life is to travel so I decided that my goal in life is to visit every country in the world.I was doing quite well and have been to about 50 or more and things stalled a little with the acquisition of a husband, two dogs and a little person.
So I was so excited to be going to Malta, a place I've not been to before, because travel is great to re-energise me and makes me so happy. Being in a foreign land allows me to experience the wonders of the world and I also step out of my comfort zone. I try foods i don't normally eat, go and see things I wouldn't normally show an interest in and doing this really builds my confidence. It was such a great time to do it. We've had a busy year and my role in this world has changed drastically (for the better) but going away seems to remind me who I am.

Moroccan foodOn the first day we decided we would just get no the first bus that came along and I love that sense of adventure and lack of plans to just enjoy being in the moment. The thing I love and and enjoy is sampling the food, although I would say never drink a cup of tea in Mongolia - the most awful thing I've ever tasted made with yaks milk. Malta has been invaded by the British, The French and the Arabs and there seemed a nice mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence.

the middle eastern cookbookWhen I lived in the middle east the food was great and I really enjoyed trying some of my favourite dishes again in Malta. I wasn't as adventurous and Tom eating the local rabbit, which he gave to Francesca, but I had a nice variety of things. The one thing that was really great in the Middle East is you could get great 'fast food'. It wasn't burgers and chips like here but 'Fattoush' (a salad), grilled lamb, chick peas burgers and wonderful fresh mint tea. I can back a size 10, (something I never was before and am unlikely to be again) despite eating out and getting takeaways a lot. The flavours are wonderful. I decided to do a Moroccan theme for the cooking club on the 21st of Feb. We will come together to try some new recipes and I can share with you some of the the amazing flavours. The cooking club will be something different each month and it's just a bit of fun to get together and try cooking and eating something different. You pay for the cost of the food and the wonderful company is free!! If you'd like to come along or would like to know more about this or future events get in touch.

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