Time plays tricks....

I was back at the Drive in Halloween film tonight and someone said it feels like a long year since we were here and you had to stay close to the exit incase your waters broke and I thought about it for a while and I had to agree. I don't know if it's as you get older time seems to fly by yet the past seems to to be a lot further away than it should be!

My boys turn one this week and all I feel like I need to buy a t-shirt with 'I Survived' on the front. Fatter, tireder and a lot poorer but we made it thorough. And as the boys grow as chalk and cheese in one of them I am reminded of my wonderful dad who they will never get to meet. His looks and his mannerisms - there is no mistaking he's a McAndrew maneen. The way he frowns, how he holds his hands and rests them on his belly it seems unbelievable that this little man could be so like a man he's never met. 

With the long weekend and the bad weather we spent the few days at home, doing jobs and chores, but hanging out at home. When the winter starts creeping in you don't feel like going too far from the fire. And when you have young kids and the clocks go back you don't get an extra day in bed you just get up at 4am instead of 5! The advantage to getting up at 4 and feeling like you are going through the longest day of your like means you can get quite a bit done. And this is one day that time defiantly doesn't fly! 

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