On the 7th of July we relocated our premises after 2 years in Church Street to Carter Square. At the time I had recently found out that I was pregnant and the prospect of moving seemed like a mammoth task. However, every cloud and the move has been fantastic for the business.

One of the huge advantages to the move is the addition of the small but tasty tea room. This was something I'd always planned for Lúnasa but the facilities weren't there in Church Road and so the move was the perfect opportunity.
I had done business and retail for many years and the food aspect of the business, while I'd had some experience with it, I found it very daunting. I knew what I wanted to do good tea, superb coffee and homemade cakes and soup. And I'm very happy that I've achieved it. I can tell my customers exactly what is in my soups because we make them all and try to make them as health as possible. We can't say the cakes are healthy but they do taste good!
The thing I love most about the Tea Room is the social aspect. I've lost count of how many people I've sent to Erris Head and how many maps I've given out. I love to see familiar faces and give them their choice of Farmer's Friend or Buzz Bomb (our Irish roasted coffee). We've had our cooking club and now for the summer have our family cook outs.
One huge thing for us which I love is the personalised gifts. It give us the chance to make something every day which I could get lost in. And there are lots of exciting things happening there. We now have lots of disney designs to add to the already huge selection that we have. 
So two years on we are still changing and moving. The new premises reduced the space for the classes and the up-cycled furniture but thankfully we've recently figured that out as well. And I'm extremely thank full to all the customers who continue to support our business and spread the word about us. Without you we wouldn't be here 4 years on. Time is flying and the next 12 months will certainly be a huge personal challenge and I try and juggle my expanding family with my expanding business. I've been lucky to find some great people to work with me and help achieve my simple dream and they will tell you we don't stay still for long and there are more exciting things to come.

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