Our Sunday afternoons have been disturbed by canvasses knocking at the door. None of them are brave enough to step in when they hear the dogs but for us it's an opportunity to talk politics after they leave. 
One of the many things I like about living in Ireland is people do talk politics. It's something I'm interested in and studied a little at University but in England it's one of the taboo subjects and the level of apathy is incredible. Here people seem to have an opinion on it and, in my experience anyway, you can discuss it a bit more openly. 
I suppose one of the things that makes it different is that it's more relevant. I've met some of the candidates on more than one occasion and regardless of the politics it's great to live in a country where you actually get the opportunity to meet the head of the government. I can't imagine ever getting the opportunity to meet the British PM and as for the President of the USA - you'd need Nasa level security clearance so forget it.
I suppose I am, and have always been, a floating voter and now more than ever its more about certain issues, some of them local, some of them national, that will probably get my vote. All of them are making promises but I guess if I had the opportunity I would ask them all 'How'. It's easy to say we want to create jobs but how are you going to do that - what's the plan? It's easy to say we want a living wage but will you subsidise small business who may need to let people go because they can no longer afford the higher rates of pay? You say you want to cut things like USC or rates for business but if you're cutting all these streams of income how will you fund improvements to our hospitals and health services? 

So I'm currently doing a bit of research - seeing what they all say and the two issues close to my heart are more or less summed up in things: policies to support small business and pro family policies.  So if you like me are trying to make up your mind here are a few articles that may help you decide. 

The small firms association have raised some interesting topics  here  and an RTE article highlighting some of the polices that here

With less than a week to go I think its exciting. It's great to be enthused by a general election and casting your vote on your birthday feels kinda special - cause lets be honest at 38 weeks pregnant I'm not going to be doing much else to mark my birthday!!
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