St Patrick’s Day Gifts to post

St Patrick’s Day Gifts to post

It’s so lovely when you are away for get a little bit of home and March the 17th is the perfect time. The best things can come in small packages and we have a wonderful selection of St Patrick’s Day Gifts to post. 

Lapel Pins

These are perfect for popping in an envelope with a card. We have a lovely section from shamrock pins to the tricolour. They can be worn on a coat or a jumper on St Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Seeds

This is a lovely gift to send especially for people with kids. They can have fun planting the seeds. Then wait for them to grow and proudly wear them. Wonderful St Patrick’s Day gifts to post. 


Handmade in Ireland these delightful ceramic brooches bring a little piece of Ireland where ever they go. Pick from a traditional cottage, a shamrock or a more contemporary design.  

A taste of home 

Handmade Irish chocolates or fudge infused with Baileys. When it comes to St Patrick’s Day gifts to post sending a taste of home doesn’t compare. The contemporary selecton or the traditional fudge. Both are an excellent choice. 


A Cúpla Focal 

Even those of us that were born away grew up learning a Cúpla Focal. Send a T-Shirt or a card so your loved ones can proudly show off a few words as gaeilge. Great St Patrick’s Day Gifts to post. 

A bit of the old Turf

Our handmade soap is made with small pieces of turf. Not only will it act as an amazing exfoliator but it will spark off a bit of nostalgia. 


An Irish  geansaí 

Snuggle up in some traditional aran knit. Weather it’s a Mayo geansaí or a cute new baby set. Perfect St Patrick’s Day Gifts to post. 


Click and collect or order and we can happily send them for you with a handwritten note. Finish off with the perfect card we have a beautiful selection of both English and Irish. View the full collection here.  

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