November 29, 2016

candlemas day candle making kit 2nd Feb

Candlemas Day 2nd FebThe second of Feb is Candlemass day. To be honest before we moved to Belmullet I'd never heard about it. So I used my friend google to find out what it's all about and found out it's the mid point of winter - between the shortest day and the equinox. It's a nice thing to mark because everyday after gives a promise of Spring which will be closer than autumn!

On these dark winter nights it's nice to have something to look forward to. I read that there are some superstitions about the weather on this day and the signs for things to come for the rest of the winter. I'm not sure how much attention I would pay to that but it gave me an idea of a nice project to do with the kids. 

Making candles is an easy project for all the family. Simply buy the wax sheets, warm them up slightly with a hair dryer or in from of the fire which make them softer and easier to roll. Place the wick in the middle and roll. It really is that simple. The great thing about is as well is that it's made from beeswax. Many candles these days are made using paraffin which is a by product of petroleum so it releases toxins when you burn them.

More candles are made with soy which is a more natural product but the purest is the beeswax. This is because beeswax is a natural air purifier. Beeswax releases negative ions when it burns and as pollen, dirt, pollutants and all the other junk carry a positive charge, the beeswax neutralises all these things. (This is the same idea used in air purifiers and water filters that use negative ion technology).

<Burning beeswax has been suggested to help with conditions like asthma and allergies due to the purification nature. So on the 2nd of Feb if you are going to light a candle maybe make a beeswax one! And if you are looking for something to do with the kids this weekend that's where we can help with out candle making kit! 







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