Simple Skincare Routine for Autumn

September 01, 2023

Simple Skincare Routine for Autumn

Simple Skincare routine for Autumn

Autumn is officially on us and we will soon be talking about all things pumpkin and Halloween.  As we pack away our shorts and the nights draw in the changing seasons can have an impact on our skin. The weather can impact how our skin feels and by tweaking our skincare routine a little we can give it the TLC it needs in autumn.


September is all about repair and prepare. The first thing is to repair the skin after the summer months. The sun, sea and sangrias dehydrate the skin and adding an extra boost of moisture can bring it back to health. Then it’s about preparing for the harsh winter climate and getting your skin ready. However, there is no need to over complicate it and keeping a simple skincare routine still works great in autumn.


Exfoliate (and cleanse)

… but don’t overdo it. After the summer the skin can be dry and flaky. A gently exfoliator once or twice a week will get back a nice glow.


Add back a bit of moisture …

The summer is harsh on the skin and giving it a moisture boost can go a long way to repairing the damage. A rejuvenating oil is the perfect addition to your usual routine. A little goes a long way. Add a few drops after cleansing to encourage the natural oils in your skin.


The next step is to prepare 

This is the time to change up the moisturiser. A light cream is great for the summer months but with this Irish winter climate it time to bring out the winter defence. A heavier balm is great to keep dry skin happy. A nighttime treatment will help the skin restore itself after each day.


Here are out picks for your Simple Skincare routine for September.

Perhaps a surprise contender for the exfoliator is our Erris Pure Turf soap. More than just a tourist favourite the grains from the turf gently exfoliate while cleansing the skin and the essential oils replace moisture. Switch it up with the lavender or heather soap to gently cleanse your skin. This first step in any simple skincare routine to prepare the skin for applying the oil and moisturiser.

For step two we love the handmade hawthorn rejuvenating oil. A rich blend of 100% natural botanical oils specially selected for their skin rejuvenating properties it’s the perfect oil. Followed by their daytime rejuvenating face balm. Steps two and three of the ultimate simple skincare routine.

And finally our fave for the winter is the Hawthorn Handmade night repair face balm. Thick and luxurious this does it’s work while you slumber repairing the damage from the winter weather. Swap out daytime cream at night to give your skin the extra help.

Back in the day when I worked in Boots I trained as skincare advisors. September was always a tricky time for skin. A wholistic approach with plenty of water and the addition of vitamin C can really compliment any simple skincare routine. Don’t neglect the rest of your body which as also been exposed to the sun more than usual. We love The Handmade Soap Company Body Lotion. The Cedar wood has a real autumnal feel while the lemongrass invokes summer memories. Their lavender hand cream will leave you skin seeking top to toe amazing and its perfect for popping in your bag for the winter months.


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