Sea, Smiles and Sun Gods

August 08, 2021

Sea, Smiles and Sun Gods

Well I can't believe it is August already. The first half of the year felt like it was never going to end and now it's flying by. Normally I'd make more of a fuss about the 1st of August but time just seems to be running away with me. And let's be honest when the weather has been as good as it has any spare moments were spent on the beach not in front of the laptop. 

We are named Lúnasa because the 1st of August is a special day for us in many ways and by pure coincidence was the day we opened the shop - it was delayed from June!

In the celtic calendar, Lúnasa or Lughnasa marks the day between summer solstice and autumn equinox. In most places August is the height of the summer holidays and in Ireland it feels like it's more in tune with this old cycle.

The festival of Lúnasa is one final hoorah before the the changing season, the beginning of the dying of the light and the return to school. 

It's a good time for reflection and as our lives have been changed beyond what we could have ever imagined it's a good time to be grateful for the wonderful things in our lives.

I have struggled mentally this year finding the challenges of day to day life in lockdown difficult and motivation has been very low. I am so grateful for the understanding of customers when service was slower than normal. 

I am very grateful that my business has been fluid and strong enough to survive these last eight years. 

I am very grateful for the health and happiness of my family. 

And I am extremely grateful to the opportunity my Lúnasa gives me to meet so many amazing, kind and awesome people. 


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