Retail doesn't have to cost the Earth

Retail doesn't have to cost the Earth

Every year on April 22nd, people from around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day. The first-ever Earth Day was celebrated way back in 1970 and it only became a globalised celebration in 1990. Today, Earth Day is celebrated by more than 1 billion people every year! 

Earth Day is important as it aims to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and global warming in front of a huge worldwide audience. Earth Day inspires people to act on protecting, conserving, and caring for the environment. With 2020 bringing bushfires, flash floods, and the global COVID-19 pandemic, people have shifted how they live and behave which makes Earth Day even more important. 

Here at Lúnasa we have always strived to make our retail responsible. Whether its supporting local and Irish suppliers reducing the carbon footprint to sourcing ethical and fair trade suppliers. We have always taken great care to ensure our products are responsibly and ethically sourced. From our recycled bags to our cleaning products we make sure our ethical and sustainable standards are being upheld throughout our business.

And when our suppliers focus on one of these standards often the others follow naturally. I remember sharing a photo a few years ago after spending a few days unpacking a full pallet of stock from one of our Fair Trade partners I had less than 1/2 a carrier bag of plastic. Everything was wrapped in paper and cardboard that could be recycled. 

Two of the brands I'm really proud of is Scrunch and Green Toys. 


Designed specifically to make travelling and storage easy. Goodbye to rigid plastic buckets, balls that cannot be packed into hand luggage, dangly long fishing nets and hard plastic sand moulds – hello to rolling and scrunching, to folding and squashing these amazing products into very small spaces!

The award-winning Scrunch-bucket is the original recyclable, reusable, bucket for life. Made from 100% silicone which is derived from sand, they are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable. Squash them in your pocket, squish them into the corner of a suitcase and contribute more to the environment too – check out the range here - what’s not to love about Scrunch!

Green Toys

Made in California, USA, Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs! Impressive, right! The reason for this is that this type of plastic is food-safe and contains no BPA, PVC or Phthalates. It’s also a single material, which means that it’s easier for parents to recycle toys their children have outgrown and it also prevents it from going to landfill. Find out how you can have Good Green Toys Fun here!

Did you know that at the time of writing, Green Toys have recycled 105,829,111 milk jugs? Incredible!

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