On the Cards

On the Cards

Well you tell us time and time again how much you love our cards. 

Sending heartfelt post couldn't be simpler as we've added yet another range of delightful Irish cards to our store. 

Personally I think we have one of the best ranges of Irish cards in the country but I could be bias!! 

Locally handmade cards, art cards from all the corners of Co Mayo, 3D cards, funny cards, quirky cards, and of course my very own cards. And yes we have some of our Christmas cards already in stock including our RNLi 

She Designs He Prints does what is says on the tin and the result are these quirky Irish greeting cards all from Portobello in Dublin. 

This is what happens when you put an illustrator and a printer together. They love ink on paper, but they care about the planet too so it's all sustainable or recycled for materials. She Designs loves colour and making smiles so you'll find Brian and Alison's collection of cards is positive, bright and full of smilemakers. 

And as with all our cards you can send a card directly to the recipient with this curated collection of Irish made cards.

Shop the whole range https://lunasa.co/collections/cards

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