It's that time of year again when the jeans don't quite fit because we've over indulged and we are thinking of all the things we want to change for 2016. Get healthy, loose weight, quit smoking etc. All great intentions but do they actually work. How many people do you know that made a resolution and by the end of the year had a) remembered it and b) stuck to it. 

My resolution for last year was to get more organised and in some aspects I did and in others I didn't. I thought it was a good goal but on reflection was it? All it did was make me feel that there was something wrong with me! That somehow if I was more organised I would be better, happier or things would be easier. It introduced a gap and made an issue of it, too much of this isn't great for your mood or self-confidence, especially in January. 

It's a fairly common feeling that January is not the most up lifting month on the back of one of a loveliest holidays and you are trying to make December's money stretch to the end of the month. It's not really a time to think or focus on what is wrong with you.  Most people tend to think they need to set themselves goals and objectives to see things happen, but isn’t that’s missing the point. Show me a goal-hungry person and I’ll show you someone who’s always wanting something better to come along, someone who’s convinced – albeit perhaps not consciously – that reaching their goals will lead to their happiness. 

So I was reviewing my year and realised that in my disorganised way I accomplished a huge amount. So I think this January I'm going to reflect on 2015 and feel good about what I did achieve and for 2016….well going with the flow worked in 2015 so I'll try more of the same. 
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