New Year not resolutions

January 11, 2022

New Year not resolutions

When it comes to New Years Resolutions I'm not a big fan but what I do every year is set my goals for the year which is kinda the same thing I suppose. 

Personally I have a five year plan which I review each year (and it does change and I change) and from that I set my goals for the coming year. 

More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to. I prefer to think of it as goals because in my head I approach it differently. So for example if one of my resolutions was to lose weight or to be more healthy it's a good intention but something that vague is unlikely to happen.

However if I think about it as a goal, similar to work goals I do approach it with more structure. I have set myself an actual weight loss goal, I have put worked out how much I need to lose each month to make that happen and I have come up with an action plan on how to make it happen. I have also put in some rewards for myself to celebrate each small win.

Using the goals diary I was also prompted to think about obstacles and how to overcome them. So a big one for me is eating out or being out of the house for meals. By coming up with a plan of some of the things I can eat when I'm out I don't just now default to the first thing on hand. 

However I have to say I think my favourite thing at the moment is the habit tracker. It's really easy to start and it's a visual cue to keep good habits on track. Mine range from the time I get up, to reading to the kids, to taking 5 mins to plan the next day. It's simple but very effective!!


So it's not too late to set some goals for the year, think about some new habits you'd like to introduce and here we have a cute, stylish range to give you a helping hand. Made in Ireland it's fabulous and you can see the range here ....



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