I look at this funny website that tells me what days are celebrated on each day and each month and it tells me that May is photo month. 

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and looking at some of the amazing photos taken over the almost 200 years that photography has been known to man, it may sometimes seem that a picture can be worth ever so many more. 

Photography has been around for 200 years and what used to be a sign of wealth, getting your photo taken, it's now a way that people broadcast a view of their lives to the world. The earliest surviving photo of nature was taken in 1827 by the French inventor Nicéphore Niépce. At that time, it took days of exposure for a photo to be ready. 

Over the years there have been some iconic photographs, the horrors or war, amazing acts of humanity, and over the years I've taken thousands of photos of my own. The tragedy of the new digital age is we rarely produce a physical photograph. I still have all my old developing equipment and my plan is to get back to it some time soon. 

As I'm sorting out my belongings In readiness to move house later this year I keep getting distracted by all my photos. Places I've been, people who touched my lives, projects I did and all those wonderful memories I picked up along the way. Life is busy and you get caught up in the everyday and looking back at photos helps me remember - even just looking back at photos of Francesca.

Photo Month is a time to appreciate all the things photography has done for humanity and continue that glorious tradition, so get out your camera and your photo albums, share them with your friends and get celebrating! And here are a few of my photos to share with you including one of the shop moons ago from Mary Needham x 

                     belmullet co mayo

                     Rosaleen Bond


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