Lúnasa Christmas Themes

Lúnasa Christmas Themes

As every year I love this time of year as I'm putting in place the plans for Christmas. 

I always spend lots of time looking earlier in the year looking at trends and themes and doing lots of research on what decor themes are showing through for Christmas. There are always lots and it's a case of picking the ones that I think will excite you all as much as they do me. So without further ado...I hope you like them. 

One of the big themes for 2021 is about being more aware and responsible with our celebrations and decor. A theme close to my heart and one that is growing more and more momentum over time. This is a trend we love and it will feature heavily in our Christmas for 2021. From recycled decorations and gifts to locally sourced gifts I am really going to delight in sharing our 'Conscious Christmas' theme 

Another trend that started in 2020 was about the joy of coming together. Being kept apart for so long we wanted nothing more than to be with loved ones. This year is a bit lighter in spirit and a lot more fun. Lots of bright, fun colours, family games, baking and decorations for everyone gathered...whatever they are into. Our 'Happy Together' theme will create  lots of joy and fun memories. 

A 'Seaside' theme reflects our desire to escape and get away after having to stay put for so long. Many people aren’t able to travel as they normally would and are bringing the escape fantasy into their homes for the holidays. Natural elements like shells are turned up for the season with crystals and gems. 

No matter what the trends a traditional, retro Christmas never date. Blue trees may come and go but nothing beats the Red, Green and Gold colour scheme. This year there is a growing trend of having retro details mixed with contemporary times in both our home decor and Christmas. Our 'Retro' theme will bring back happy memories of childhood festivities.

And finally a softer version of the winter wonderland with more creamy tones will help enhance wellness at what can be a busy time of year. Titled 'White Christmas' it's softer and creamy shades enhance calm and tranquility and really focus on wellness. 

And dare I say it with only xx weeks to go to Christmas for me it's the perfect time to start getting excited. 

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