Well we've almost survived what is deemed the most depressing day of the year - the third Monday of Jan. I suppose we are still a few weeks from pay day, the festive high is over, and the money has run out so we are using up all the food in the freezer. And if that wasn't bad enough with recent world events, Brexit, Trump and all the recent celebrity deaths this one could be the most depressing yet. 

And just to top it all off tomorrow is 'Drop your New Years Resolution Day'. But don't be sucked in. Apparently only 8% of people stick to their resolution so if you've made one and you have made it this far....don't give up now. Or maybe defy it and make a new resolution or revisit the one you were trying to keep. Don'e be so hard on yourself - especially if it's something about eating healthy and you just scoffed chocolate to cheer yourself up on Blue Monday. 

This time of year is a great time to get out and do something new and social. It's easy to lock the door, light the fire and shut yourself away from the world but that's ok for a day or two but any more than that isn't good. Get out and try something new - there is Sean nos dancing classes on and we are starting a cooking club. 
A cooking club is a group of people who gather together on a regular basis to take on a cooking project or explore an new cuisine. But really, the main reason is that there's enormous fun to be had when a group of people gather together, roll up their collective sleeves, and get something delicious done.

We are going to try and meet up once a month and try healthy meals.  Our gatherings will be around eight to twelve people and our skill levels mainly amateur. 

We will meet at Lúnasa and information will be on the Lúnasa Club Facebook page.  Rosaleen will organise the night, figure out how to scale the recipe to make enough for the group, organize the shopping, and figure out equipment needs and the group will help cook it.
Finally the day arrives when we gather, cook, and make a merry mess. Before we depart we clear up and then go on our merry way.

Before the night depending on whats cooking you will be asked to bring some things with you but as a rule always bring an apron, a knife and a chopping board. 
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