Joy to the World attempt 2

Joy to the World attempt 2

So I started writing a post on my blog and it ended up being a bit reflective and.... well not what I had in mind. So I thought I'd try again! The story of Lúnasa in 2019 was defiantly not what I had planned 12 months ago but life has a way of throwing things in and we have to adapt and change. 

So Lúnasa popped up in December and it's gained a new lease of life with the help of Jean, Mary and Siobhan. And, I won't lie, it was an adjustment for me having been doing it on my own for so long I had to let go of the old Lúnasa and embrace the new version. 

And with it came some lovely changes. New energy, fresh eyes, people to challenge my thinking and I had to change my own approach. All of these things bring a new burst of energy that to be honest was starting to wain. Running Lúnasa was the longest position I've had in my entire career. After every few years when working with Boots you'd be promoted or change stores and that suits me as I like the challenge it brings and I'd got to a place with my job that it wasn't stretching me any more. 

Since re-opening I've noticed I'm better at doing the things I hate, like the accounts, because I'm accountable to more than just myself. It's hard being self employed as you have to constantly motivate yourself and lets be honest who gets motivated over accounts?

I've done the job that was always on the long finger and put all my stock onto and keeping my stock figures up-to-date with our new till system, no more writing everything down. So when we are popped up you can shop online. 

And I've great plans for 2020. I am going to re-introduce my own product range again. Something that hasn't been in the shop since we were up in the old ESB because life and the shop were just too busy to get time to make anything. 

But the best thing is that I think we've all felt the genuine love and joy from people at the shop being re-opened. It's a very privileged thing to be able to a job that you love and to have so many people appreciate the work you do. The products that are in the shop are made with love and time from so many people and it's great to know that people value this as much as we do. 

So Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers and friends you've been amazing and we are happy to be re-open to see you all again. We know we are very fortunate to be able to bring this kind of happiness to other people and we hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with peace and love. 

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