April 17, 2016


upcycling with autentico paintIf you've seen the adverts the same as me H&M are telling us that next week is #WorldRecycleWeek!

​I've done a bit of digging on the internet and it seems that it's their own world recycling day that nicely coincides with Earth Day on the 22nd April.

​Now normally I'm a live and let live kinda girl but for some reason this really bothers me. I don't know much about H&M and there business ethics but I think
autentico paint tinsthey are one of the first companies and biggest to bring super cheap clothes to the market - something I call 'disposable clothing'. The sort of thing you can wear once and if you never wear it again no harm, it was so cheap it doesn't matter. 

This doesn't even touch on the whole ethics of how and where they are made. And in this odd effort it's offering a voucher for you to bring old clothes so that you replace them with new does that help the environment? When you thing about what it takes to grow or make the materials, the dye and
shopping bags made in irelandchemicals used, and the energy to manufacture and ship all those clothes. That in itself would puts a tremendous strain on the environment. 
I'm sure there is more we can do but I try and much as I can to trade ethically. Our products are not mass produced in far off lands and buying our products puts back a lot into the local economy.

When crafting I reuse and recycle as much as I can - this drives Breege and Tom mad as I keep everything but the scraps of paper and card are great for collages and those old clothes make bags or old jumpers make welly socks.  

lillys eco clean bottlesBut not just that I have spent a lot of time finding environmentally friendly cleaning products, ethical and environmentally conscientious companies to supply the goods we don't sell such as stationary and bags and this is one of the guiding principles of what we do in Lúnasa.

So this year for Earth day on the 22nd of April I'll have a look at what more we can do to protect this beautiful earth we are on and I will leave you with a quote I have on a set of coasters I got in Australia many years ago with a photo of Uluru or Ayers Rock on 'We do not inherit the land from our ancestors,we borrow it from our children'.

- upcycling furniture reduces waste 
- we recycle lots of things such as  cards to make new products
- our chalk and lime paints are waterbased, free of solvent and other harmful additives 
- we have 40 suppliers in Mayo and 80% of products made in Ireland meaning there is less environment impact getting them to our customers
- we source all fair-trade, ethical products made outside of Ireland 
- all our cleaning materials used are environmentally friendly from and Irish company,
- lovely pink paper bags we put your products into are made in ireland

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