Irish for love

Irish for Love

The word in Irish for love is Grá. However, if you want to say I love you in Irish there is a little more too it. There is no direct translation of the phrase I love you but closest is Mo ghrá thú. This is ‘you are my love’ and uses the Irish for love. 

If you want to really impress them here are a few phases to whisper to your loved one. 

Mo ghrá [moh graw] – my love

Mo chroí [moh kree] – my heart

Mo anam cara [moh anum cair-ah] – my soulmate

Mo fhíorghrá [moh hear-graw] – my true love

However, there are many beautiful ways to tell someone you love them in Irish that aren’t limited to using the Irish for love. Is tú mo chuisle {Iss too mu kooish-la} which means you are my pulse. 

A nice phrase that uses the Irish for love is Grá geal mo chroí. Mo chroí means heart and geal means bright. So it translates as Bright or shining love of my heart. 

They do say actions speak louder than words so if you want to express your love you don’t need to worry because we have you covered. We have beautiful cards in Irish, gifts made in Ireland and Irish love symbols. Check out our collection here


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