I’ve never been one to give in to peer pressure….

I’ve never been one to give in to peer pressure….

So I’ve never been one to give in to peer pressure….

When I first moved to Belmullet in 2012 it was all very unexpected. I was newly married and my husband had been made redundant

Up to that point in my life I had already lived in 5 different countries, visited over 50 and yet the move to Belmullet turned out to be my biggest challenge to date.

I moved here still heartbroken from the loss of my dad 2 years before and going to certain places like the church stirred up emotions I wasn’t expecting.

And I don’t know if it’s a local thing, or and Irish thing, but people like to ‘place’ you. So having been fiercely independent and trying to adjust to married life and while I still trying to decide if I was going to change my name it became irrelevant because in the move over I lost my identity. I was introduced as someone’s wife, someone’s cousin, someone’s niece and while it was lovely to feel part of this bigger family it was a huge adjustment. I felt like Rosaleen got a bit lost.

So struggling to find a job I started the shop and I remember less about the day it opened but more about the day I was introduced by Gemma Kavanagh to someone as the lady that has the craft shop across the road. She will never know how happy that made me because I felt like I had got my own identity back.

The name Lúnasa was the day we opened and it was also a significant date for my family so it all seemed to come together and closing the shop was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. It was more than a job or a business. It was a lifeline when I needed it, it was my social interaction, part of my identity and when the kids came along part of my sanity.

I was overwhelmed by the messages I got from people in the town, across the County and indeed across the world with their own little stories and memories about Lúnasa and each person felt a little loss about its closing like I did. And it wasn’t until that point I realised I had achieved exactly what I wanted – a place everyone felt welcome and comfortable to just be themselves.

So the question that everyone has been asking me is are you going to re-open? Am I’m delighted to say that yes…Lúnasa will be reopening. 

A few friends have stepped in and between us we are going to be running Lúnasa Pop Up shops throughout the year.

It will be different and exciting but will still have the amazing local, Irish and Ethical products and the same friendly service. But it will be better cause I’m doing it with the help of my friends, Mary Fallon of Garter Hill, Siobhan & Mary of White Rose Creations, Jean Beard of Jean Beard Art Workx and of course me, the tea and coffe and homade cake, my personalised cards and gifts and now my Usborne books.

 We look forward to welcoming all our old customes and many more new ones.
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I am so happy to hear your news. Your customers, suppliers and friend will be delighted with your new and all the very best in bringing Lunasa back to us.

Patti Moss

This is such great news! Although I am far away this just makes me happy!


Fabulous news Rosaleen. Very excited for you in your new venture. Will make sure we get down to Belmullet.


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