June 26, 2016


When I think about my dad I have the fondest of memories. He was quite modern for his time, a real hands on man that did the cooking and washing up but I have to admit I never saw him do the ironing. He would take us to the seaside or Sherwood Forest on Sundays and we would all pile into our old VW van so my mum could sleep (she worked the night shift as a nurse). I remember I was living in Kuwait when we found out he was sick and I was feeling sad one day that he wouldn't see any of us married and my friend Gabrielle said something that has stayed with me 'maybe that's nice cause to him you will always be his girls'. 
The first Father's day after he died was approaching and I put myself on the rota to work. I was dreading it but when the day arrived I have one of the funniest memories of my time at Boots. I saw a man stealing some of the electrical
toothbrushes and shouted stop thief. The two off duty policemen that happened to be in the shop chased after him and later came back to tell me he had quite literally ran into two other plain clothed policemen that were outside the shop....what are the chances. And I thought I was having a bad day!
My dad was a fairly laid back man who went out of his way to help others and enjoyed the simple things. He loved music and used to listen to the Celtic Fringe radio show on Wednesdays and buy his sweets on Fridays. He was always involved in all sorts of committees and events - the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! . A man of few words, well with six women is the house he had to be, he was easily pleased and a case in point was when I did a 'shout out' for him on his birthday from my travels in Mongolia for him on his favourite radio show. 

Born on his birthday if Francesca has his big heart and generous spirit he will live on. This year I won't miss him any less but the circle of life goes on and we can celebrate as well as remember.

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