I was driving home yesterday planning to write this week's blog about the lovely day I had yesterday but I have highjacked myself. I was enjoying the quiet of a Sunday morning and flicking through the TV and Facebook, reading stories about politics and I just dispair.

For the first time the two candidates to become the next PM in the UK are female, and instead of being able to enjoy how far women have come, one of them is stupid enough to turn it into ..... I don't even have the words to describe it. 

How dare anyone comment on the fact that she doesn't have children. Where do I start....
Firstly she doesn't know if Teresa May doesn't have children by choice or not. She may have spent years trying and been unsuccessful and then a comment like that is so hurtful it's awful.

Secondly if she made a choice not to have children (or if she didn't) how can you imply that someone is less qualified for a job because of their parental status - unless of course you're applying to be a nanny and many of them are young, childless, ladies anyway.

Thirdly I dare her to stand in front of Angela Merkel or Condoleezza Rice and tell them they aren't as invested in their countries' future because they don't have children. Or are the likes of Helen Mirren or Dolly Parton some how less than their piers because they are not mothers. Or conversely that Clinton is a good choice to run because she is a parent. 

And finally if this was a man would the subject have ever come up. 

Women are powerful, strong creatures and then along comes one that makes silly comments like this and I think - 'Don't they get it'. I'm no feminist, I like Tom to carry heavy things for me and open doors, but I bet no-one suggested to him he gives up his job to be a parent like they did to me. He won't be judged the same way I would if I were travelling for my work or working away. 

Society has conditioned us into gender roles and while we search for equal rights and equal pay things will never be equal. (Watch the piece from Gogglebox when this was on the TV) Even with two working parents it's likely that the women does the lion's share of the work at home as well. 

I spent the day yesterday in the company of some lovely, creative women and when women come together something magical happens. And we will always come across people whose life choice me may not pick for ourselves but we have no right to judge them. We may not understand it, or even know the reason for it but who are we to say our choices are better than another's. 
Why should people like Teresa May be forced to comment on an aspect of her life that quite frankly is no ones business just because she's a women.  All I can say is if someone like Andrea gets to be the next PM I'd say the UK will have more than Brexit to worry about! 

​p.s. to understand the title you'll have to read next week!!! 
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