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We celebrated the 50th Birthday of Usborne books with our pop up partner Rosaleen’s Book Nook. Part of the celebrations was a Look for a Book event with free books dotted out around the town. When you plan these things out its hard to know how it will go and when we saw the weather we thought about postponing it.

I am so glad we didn’t. I have pounded the streets of Belmullet town today more than any time I can remember. Me and the kids put out the books this morning from Talbots down to the A.J’s and started with about 30 books dotted round.

I think I went round about 10 times topping up the books and the comments I was getting from people were great, especially on such a grey day. I do it because I hope that some kids will find the book and get excited about it. I believe in the enormous power of books and reading for child development and positive mental health in all ages. 

I hope that those kids that found a book enjoy it. We had everything from Shakespeare to The Wish Fish (one of my favourites as it’s the first book my daughter read on her own). 

I got to chat to a few teachers about how we can help schools get free books. I read There’s. Hippo in my Toilet so many time I know it by heart but a defiance hit. 

If you need a recommendation for a child and a book to match them that they will love, no matter how reluctant a reader they are, please come in and see us.



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