Figuring it out

October 01, 2020

Figuring it out

2020 is a year we will never forget. It has given us challenges that we never imagined and time off that we never thought we'd get. I suppose I'm one of the personalities that respond to these kinds of situations with a ‘challenge accepted’ impulse. However, I didn't realise how much I actually benefited from the lock down until we started to come out of it. 

It made me realise that we heap all this pressure on ourselves and then promptly condemning ourselves when we don't live up to these unrealistic expectations. We can easily fall into the expectations of others without stopping to think what do we really want. 

I, like most, pursue goals that others have laid out. I sometimes get frustrated with striving to achieve what is expected but when I reflect on it I realise that it's not making me happy. If we were to live up to them all the job, the promotion, the new car, the certain body shape, we would be forever pursuing someone else's version of happy. 

So I listened to something that suggested writing 5 goals for a 5 year plan. No surprise there were a few financial goals, and personal growth but the one that spoke to me the strongest was continuing time with the kids. Everyone told me the time would fly by and they are not wrong. Next September my first baby will start school and that will be a game changer. 

I love my business, what I have built, the customers we have and the makers I get to work with. Going to work never feels like a chore and that is a fantastic position to be in. My one dilema is figuring out how to do this will still being able to meet the kids at Naionra and hear about their day. To be able to take them swimming or go to the park at the drop of a hat if the sun comes out. 

So for the coming months we will be open 24/7 online and operating a series of pop up shops. In the run up to Christmas we hope to be open again on the Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and most weeks I'm up there 3 or 4 days while the kids are at school between 9-12. So just to say I'm here and figuring it all out and if you need something please shout x 


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