Fair Play

February 15, 2019

Fair Play

On of the things I'm constantly striving for is how to say goodbye to a throw away culture and live a more mindful lifestyle both physically and mentally. Everything has become so easy for us that sometimes the switch can be daunting. Trying to navigate through and then finding a solution can sometimes create a different problem. 

However, globally, trends like climate breakdown with its furious impacts are becoming more common. In a wealthy world persistent poverty for tens of millions of farmers caused by consistently low prices for commodities is growing as consumers demand lower prices.  Abuses of human rights such as slavery are at historically high levels, and all of these sit uncomfortably side by side with increasing opportunities and choices for ourselves and hundreds of millions of others.

Fair-trade Fortnight the 25th February to 10th March 2019 happens every year to highlight our contrasting lives, between the haves and have nots. It's also the ideal opportunity to make small changes. 

At Lúnasa our ethical practices make it easy for customers to make good choices when shopping. Our ranges of Local, Irish and Fair-trade products and gifts means we know the person behind our products and know that they are getting a fair wage for the work that they do. We are very careful about what we buy and who we buy it from and that doesn't just go to the products on the shelves. We buy Irish made carrier bags, we up-cycle and reuse as much as we can, and we we get involved in our local community. We are dedicated to sourcing beautiful Irish and fairly traded products that embrace traditional artisan skills. We are passionate about ensuring our products where possible are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled materials.

Fairtrade is making a small but growing contribution to help improve the circumstances of over 1.7 million people around the world. So I'm looking forward to highlighting our practices and products to you in Fair-Trade fortnight and hope that a few changes in shopping habits mean that shopping doesn't need to cost the earth. 

Globally, the extra money earned by farmers and workers in producing countries grew by 19% in 2017 to reach €178 million.
Locally, through the support of Irish companies and people, the value of Fairtrade sales in 2017 increased by 26% – the highest growth rate in the world!
And Personally, that consumer spending in Ireland amounted to €342 million in 2017. Thanks to millions of people, in Ireland and internationally, Fairtrade is making real differences for people, the environment and the planet.


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