Christmas Themes

October 14, 2020

Christmas Themes


Costal Christmas

Is there anything prettier than a coastal Christmas? This year we have come to appreciate our beaches and natural coastline more than ever before. Celebrating the natural beauty with driftwood, shells, sand and natural colours. Nothing would be better than a walk along the beach with family and the dog on Christmas morning.  Nautical christmas ideas and Coastal christmas ideas will be pinned on our Pinterest.

Naval blue will also be one of the trends for 2020. So you can paint a wall in naval and anticipate the new year. Combined with come of our starry night decor it will enhance the naval theme. This is a warm shade that will add coziness and make your guests welcome and comfortable.



In a theme of go big or go home the combination of expressive color with metallic and natural elements is an artistic yet stylish choice. This trendy selection will set the mood and when it comes to a celebratory moments especially in the cold season with the warm and energizing tones of pink. Combining the metallic trend with the natural concretes and wood will be warmer and less shiny with a splash of colour for Christmas 2020.

So do not be afraid to experiment! The moody concrete may seem a bold choice and compared with the gold or silver combinations from previous trends it may seem a odd choice for the festive season. However, with pink it is the perfect pairing.  

Dress up the room in tender pink tones combined with silver, white, or gold and admire at the refined atmosphere and bring certain coziness and energy to your festivities.

Traditional Christmas 

Christmas keeps reinventing itself through new traditions and unexpectedly Christmas there will be more a kin to Christmas as a child. It's is a celebration of tradition and family, so most of us have a box of old Christmas ornaments somewhere in the attic. 

A vintage touch, a family history or just stylish accents are all part of the traditional christmas. The classic beauty of glass ornaments with old or DIY ornaments will give the tree or table a familiar touch.

Traditions we did as children will feel less nostalgic and rather comforting and the Christmas morning mass, Turkey with all the trimmings, these will bring a sense of comfort.

Bring your childhood family Christmas into 2020 with classic gold adding a little more decadence than we may have had as children. However, the traditional reds and greens will bring back memories of Christmas of old when you ran downstairs to find Santa had left you a bike. 


 Starry Night

This may sound surprising, but it is the deep blue tones that have become the unexpected favorite of the Christmas season 2020. Designers recommend to combine blue, purple, and turquoise shades, and assure that it will create the impression of a starry Christmas night. 

Exquisite turquoise, both bright and muted, exquisite greenish-blue shade looks very elegant, fresh, light, airy, and very luxurious at the same time.



Natural hues and the traditional greens bringing nature into your home and it is always a wise choice. Nothing says a true Christmas comfort like raw wood and natural green – it’s a trend that will never go out of style. The Nordic and Scandinavian decor has been popular for a while and it's set to be the same for 2020.

A family walk in the forest on Christmas day. Think wood, ceramics, wool, chunky knits and (faux) fur this theme has a real emphasis on natural.

With a new little twist for this year the perfect selection of Christmas accessories inspired by Nordic traditions and travels to the Orient. There is nothing like being grounded to bring a sense of wanderlust so bring a taste of the exotice with a few warming, rich shades of reds and orange are giving this theme a bit more of an Oriental feeling.


Contemporary simplicity and sophistication, or a nostalgic touch the main theme will be all about family and being together when we can.


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