Brew Monday

Brew Monday

Many of us by now have heard of Blue Monday but have you heard of Brew Monday? Blue Monday is apparently the most depressing day of the year.  Supposedly generated from an equation however, I’m not sure how much merit I would put on a measure that says we are sadder on this day than any other. 

Personally, I think Blue Monday is a bit of a self fulfilling prophesy. If you wake up on Blue Monday and tell yourself it’s the most depressing day of the year there is a strong change you will feel depressed. The other thing that carries no merit for me is that Blue Monday as a concept was created as a marketing gimmick. It started in 2005 by the Sky Travel Shop who, no doubt, used it to try and sell holidays. 

It’s true for many people January can be hard for a number of reasons. However, when I came across Brew Monday I thought this was a much better concept. Created by the Samaritansa non-religious charity organisation that focuses on suicide prevention. 

Brew Monday has a history that is attached to those winter blahs that can come, especially in the month of January, right in the middle of winter. Brew Monday is a time to check in, have a conversation and listen to what each other have to say. In many of the Scandinavian countries the winters are long and harsh. Yet these always score high on the world’s happiest countries. One factor that often sticks out it’s the strong sense of community that generates happiness. So a day to go out and create more connection over a cuppa way to beat the winter blues. 

It couldn’t be more simple to celebrate Brew Monday. Stick the kettle on, and have a brew with someone. Don’t buy into the hype of Blue Monday and swap it for Brew Monday instead. A much better way to spend a Monday. 


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