Black Friday just turned green & red

Black Friday just turned green & red

We’ve inherited it from America but all talk on social media this week will be of Black Friday. It’s hard to know if we really are getting any good deals or if it’s just very good marketing and PR.

An article in the UK Telegraph this morning is warning shoppers that in reality we’re not getting any better deals this Friday.

‘A survey of major retailers found that more than half the deals on popular products during last year’s promotion were either the same, or better, months either side of the event.’

The ‘Black Friday’ deals and adverts seem to be starting earlier and earlier yet for small retailers such as us we just can’t complete with these deals. It also makes you wonder if they can sell you something with 75% off then they must be selling it for a big profit the rest of the year.

So this year we decided to give our customers a genuine bargain by offering them a chance to win a free hamper. It’s packed full of Christmas gifts made right here in Mayo and many of them generously given by our suppliers. The full value of the hamper is nearly €200 and had food, toys, art, ceramics and lotions and potions. 

So keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and don't forget out Late night shopping event this Thursday where you will get chance to win our hamper. The winner will be drawn on Friday evening....of course! 

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