Belmullet Festival 2023

Belmullet Festival 2023

It’s that time of the year and the Belmullet Festival is upon us. The few days before there is the promise and expectation mixed in with a good bit of crazy and this year is no different. It’s a week in the calendar that we gear up for in the business and in the family.  

We look forward to live music, free fireworks and the kids dancing on the Square. So what is happening in Lúnasa this year for the Belmullet festival 2023. 

Our opening hours for the week are as follows: 

Belmullet Fair Day Tuesday 15th August
The shop will be open 11 - 6 pm and weather permitting we will have something a bit different out on the stall. We will be out the front of the shop with a big stock sale of books and we will be selling some of our furniture pieces. 

Wednesday 16th August open 11-5 pm

Belmullet Festival 2023 Heritage Day Thursday 17th August
The shop will be open 11 - 6pm and we will have a stall on main street and a small stall out the front of the shop. We will have a big stock sale on the book (if we have any stock left from Fair Day) out the front of the shop. 

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th we will be open 11- 5 pm

And we will be closed on Sunday for the final day  and we will defiantly see you at the Geesala races and the Belmullet Festival 2023 finale - which promises to go out with a bang !

Belmullet Festival 2023 Line Up

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