All in a days work...

All in a days work...

My day started around 4am woken to the sound of coughing and spluttering. No 1 was moved to my bed before she could wake the twins and I tired to get a bit more sleep with a 3 year old taking up 80% of the bed.

The dog announced that He was home from his night shift about 6.30am, that became our alarm for the day. The next few hours were a blur as we all got ready but it involves one of my favourite parts of the day - brushing our teeth. I feel like mother duck with three little ducklings as they scramble and push each other in their rush to get to the bathroom. I did get them ready and into the car for 8.30am (a personal record) so we could go and sit outside the doctors before anyone else got there. Which one of you if for the Dr? - and I reeled off three of the four people present. We left with prescriptions and I dropped the kids off and got to work only 40 mins late! I should add a disclaimer to my opening hours saying that if my husband is at work it 9.30ish as I'm never sure what I have deal with before I get here. 

The day at work went relatively smoothly, changing the window display, unpacking new orders, making party invitations and Creation express orders and three notable situations which I will come back to. 

I did get a call from the neighbour to say our electric was off and then a text a little later to say the sleeping husband woke to the smell of oil and found the Range smoking. Joined up the two and an electricity surge bust the heating. The repair man, from Ballina, will be here later this week so it our Heating Plan B.  This plan has only ever required when I'm a night shift widow -  it's uncanny. We had to come up with something as the heating man was being called every time He was away on nights and rumours have started with a lot less! 

I closed up and rushed home as I only have a 5 min window from when I close the shop at 5.30 to when He leaves for work. As soon as I walk in the door I realise I forgot to pick up the prescriptions. Rather than bundling the kids into the car I thank God for the amazing people in Belmullet and get the prescriptions dropped to the house. 

Spaghetti is always a winner with the kids but my worst nightmare. By the end of dinner it's smeared all over the wall, Twin 1s face, loads on the floor and all over the dog's back. With all three strapped in I get the place and the dog cleaned and  just as I'm finished Twin 1 seems to produce a second helping of Spaghetti from his lap and it's all over the dog again. We play the grape game for 15 mins to waste time (I make them wait turns for grapes and roll them along the table). Tiredness is starting to show and I smashed a bottle of red nail varnish all over the kitchen counter and me. Calpol got spilt all over the kitchen floor and I had to negotiate getting the kitchen roll to clean it without letting the dog licking it up!

I liberated them all from their child seats and I mention the word Pyjamas. It's like a code word that makes the kids go wild as they chase each other around the house and the dog barks with excitement. I get them all into PJs and realise I've got three kids and only two nappies to put in the bin so revisit that job!

All in bed by 7pm I look at myself - jeans that got ripped at work, one sock on and one sock off and Spaghetti carbonara all over my top what a state. It's only 7.45 but I change into my pyjamas. 

I make my nightly cup of Redbush Tea and as I'm sipping on it the waft of poo fills my nose and makes me gag. I'm over come by the horrendous stench and yet delighted as it's been three days since she went last - the bananas weren't ripe!

Feeling the continued effects of the time change I'm still listening to bedtime music at ten to nine as the boys go from giggling to fighting and back again - a common occurrence. At least No1 is out for the count.

I'm impatiently waiting for them to all go to sleep so I can do my last offical job - gate keeper. Close the child gate to her room till she gets to sleep then open her gate so she can come into my room in the night. Close the boys one so she can't go in there in the middle of the night and wake them, close off the one to the kitchen to keep her out of mischief and of course leave my door open. 

About the time I was cleaning Spaghetti off the dog for the second time I wondered is it worth all this craziness to have my own business. The answer always comes back to a resounding yes - I love my family with all my heart but the shop, well that's Me. And the situations I mentioned - unusually, today three people came in for cards and gifts for friends in awful, very different situations.  And with the house finally quiet at 9.05, red nail varnish all over my hand and a Plan B heating situation I know I love every crazy second of this life, I don't want to change any of it - cause who knows what cards we could be dealt instead. 


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