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5 reasons why books are important ...

As a new parent I knew I wanted to read to my kids and I knew books are important to help them develop. However, finding the time was another matter. Then one day I saw a post about becoming a book lady with Usborne and I've never looked back. I often grapple with giving it up when I feel a bit too busy and yet I can't because I know the huge benefits it brings me and my children. Books have always been something special to me. There are lots of reasons why books are important, especially for children, but here is why I think books are important. 

Books are important for creating memories

I remember as a child my dad reading stories to us from the illustrated bible and I remember getting lost in Malory Towers when the world just seemed a bit too much. I clearly remember my sister having a copy of Snow White and Rose Red and I wanted it so badly. I remember this everytime I see this book and it makes me smile. I want my children to have those memories too. 

Books are important to help us escape.

Modern day life can be pretty horrific. The stress and pressure these days of expectations, or the pure badness of others, either way, it's hard. Reading a book takes you away from whatever is going on and you can quickly and easily get lost in the pages of the kids solving a mystery in Paris or the mundane comical life of the Man Called Ove. They can make us laugh, make us cry, cheer us up or take us away. 

Books are important to help us learn

Most importantly children that read for pleasure do much better academically. However, as an adult I learn things from my books all the time. The Secret of the Treasure Keepers set me off looking up roman artifacts and archaeology finds and all sorts. It's never too late to learn new things, and something could spark your interest.


It's the best gift to give a child

I read a study that detailed the enormous positive effects of reading on later literacy skills, better social interaction between adults and children, and children that were much more engaged with the world around them. It also said how reading can be a stable source of information throughout a child’s life. With books on nearly every topic it can be especially beneficial for children growing up in challenging circumstances. Particularly on topics that a google search my provide inappropriate results. 

It's portable magic

I always take story books and activity books with me wherever I go. You don't need the internet and it's much more calming than a screen. We can share them or divide them out and if I need to stall for time I can ask them questions, chat about the content or ask them to make up their own story. It's improving their concentration and creativity in a way no youtube video or game will. 

While I can quote lots of studies the most precious thing about books and reading is no matter how challenging a day, we end it with a story. This to me is the most compelling reason why books are important. My daughter on the left, one twin on the right and the other on my lap. We may have battled over screen time or getting dressed in the morning but and all that is forgotten when we snuggle up to read our bedtime story. And that's the memory they have going to sleep that will keep, a bit like me and my dad. 

So this world book day (1st Thursday of March) I encourage you to pick up any book and read. It doesn't matter what the book as the old as gaeilge saying goes 'tús maith leath na hoibre' - a good start is half the work.  

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