Apothecary Amber Jar Candle Turf

Apothecary Amber Jar Candle – Turf

Imagine sitting by a turf fire in a thatched cottage in Connemara, perhaps you might throw some wild lavender or eucalyptus leaves into the turf. This is an intensely rich and full aroma inspired by a traditional Irish turf fire. Top notes of bergamot sit above eucalyptus and lavender  with a base of red cedar.

Top- bergamot

Heart- eucalyptus

Base- Cedar


height 8cm
diameter 6cm
weight 300 g
burn time 30 hours

Soilse (meaning light or brightness in Gaelic) is a word that evokes stillness, comfort and warmth.  Every Soilse Irish Candle awakens a particular landscape and memory, the scent being a wonderfully tantalizing and evocative fragrance inspired by the natural beauty of the Irish outdoors.

All candles in our Irish Candle are lovingly hand poured and made from 100% soy wax, infused with a unique blend of essential oil based fragrances that are all naturally produced and environmentally friendly. The natural nature of the candles mean there are no chemicals and better for burning especially around children. 

With foraged finds from the seashore and forest walks these Irish made candles make a truly ideal, versatile and luxurious gift.


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