The Morning After Brendan Behan

Morning After Brendan Behan 1959. This iconic photograph of Brendan Behan from the Irish Photo Archive was taken in 1959 in Connemara. Behan the writer lived a turbulent life, he was an Irish poet, short story writer, novelist and playwright who wrote in both English and Irish. Irish greeting cards suitable for all occasions.

The Morning After Brendan Behan is a photograph of the famous Irish writer in Connemara. This portrait of the writer is from the Irish Photo Archive. The photograph dates to 1959 when Behan was visiting Connemara. Kelly Cards Irish writer portraits suitable for all occasion and blank for you message.

Brendan Behan

Behan born in Dublin into a staunchly republican family, becomes a member of the IRA’s youth organisation Fianna Éireann at the age of fourteen. Growing up there is a strong emphasis on Irish history and culture in the home. Behan’s childhood is full of Irish literature and patriotic ballads. Joining the IRA at sixteen leads to him serving time in a borstal youth prison in England. He uses the time to study. Behan becomes a fluent speaker of the Irish language.

In 1954, Behan’s first play The Quare Fellow, is produced in Dublin. However, it is the 1956 production in London, that gains Behan a wider reputation. In 1958, Behan’s play in the Irish language An Giall has its debut at Dublin’s Damer Theatre. Behan’s autobiographical novel, Borstal Boy, is published the same year and becomes a worldwide best-seller.

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