Silver Dolphin Pendant Encrusted With White And Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal

Brilliant Swarovski® crystals shine with bright aqua colour in this special School of Fish pendant necklace. Seven sterling silver fish swim gracefully through three blades of sea grass. This striking and graceful image of the ocean floor is captured in a sterling silver frame set with sparkling white Swarovski crystals. 

School of Fish and Aquamarine Crystals

Seven shining fish are arranged thoughtfully to create an illusion of depth and movement in this special keepsake. Each of their individual bodies comes alive with personality and charm having eyes crafted from Swarovski crystals. These white gemstones are symbolic of purity and clarity in their stark beauty. The aquamarine crystals adorning the blades of sea grass invoke the mystical properties of the ocean with their incredible hue and added allure.

Honour the Ocean
Honour the mysticism and calm of the ocean with this incredible Swarovski adorned School of Fish pendant necklace. Let the aquamarine color inspire you, the sea life imagery bring you peace and calm of mind and body, and the elegant design may style you day to night.

WEIGHT: 3.6 grams

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