Natural Agate Pendant

Agate is used to harmonise Yin and Yang, help build self-confidence, enhance mental function and strengthen the body and mind. Agate is a good protective energy stone, and also helps the body's connection to the earth. It is considered a good luck stone, and enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect.

Agate is a very fine-grained form of Quartz. It grows within volcanic lava bubbles known as geodes. Diamond saws are used to slice the Agate it is then ground to remove any imperfections then polished and dyed to enhance and display the beautiful natural banding within. Most Agate comes from Brazil. Cut from beautiful small Brazilian geodes known, as Ochos. These tiny geodes are hollow nodules often found with contrasting bands or swirls within the quartz, or groupings of druzy crystals within the interior.

Size: Varies based on shape. Approx 2 to 3 Inches.

Please Note: Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Colours may vary based on availability.

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