Irish Pewter Pocket Watch Kells

The design on this watch is taken from the Kells manuscript, possibly the world's most famous manuscript and depicts two entwined birds, displayed in a beautiful Celtic knot. The birds on this watch look similar to cranes - which symbolise long life, health, happiness, wisdom and good luck.

A beautiful timepiece for any man, woman or child with open front shows off the beautiful mechanism of the watch. The 12" chain loops into the buttonhole of the waistcoat and the watch sits neatly in the pocket. 

This is a mechanical gents watch designed to capture that early Victorian look as portrayed by the gents of that time. The watch itself is a manual wind-up and the workings can be seen from both the front face and back of the watch. The chain is 12" in length and has a pocket clip on the end designed to slip on to the cuff of a pocket.

The ancient craft of pewter making was revived in Ireland by Paddy Collins in Mullingar in 1974. Paddy’s son Peter now runs the business and the pieces are still made in the traditional way in their workshop by local people specially trained in the old casting methods, meticulous assembly and delicate hand finishing. 

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