Boredom Buster Activity Packs

The activity packs are filled with lots of things for the kids to do to keep them busy. There is an Intro Pack with the basics and then there are STEM and theme Packs. Each pack will contain different core books and the numbers show the order they were released. They are amazing value for the books alone and filled with lots and lots of free activity sheets. 

The STEM & Theme packs include all in the Basic Pack with the book featured and worksheets and/or activity sheets to match the additional book.  

Preschool packs include a
1. That's Not My Book (€8.25) and
2 colouring pages
3 Mini Poppy & Sam Book (€3.50)
4. activity sheet 
5. find the duck colouring page
6. Picture Book (€7.50) plus a
7. activity
8. colour in bookmark
9. craft activity
+ reward sheet & Stickers

Infant Pack Includes 
1. Phonics Book
2. worksheet and
3. colouring page, a
4. Wipe Clean Book
5. maths activity  
6. Story Book
7. activity
8. creative writing worksheet
9. craft activity 
+ reward sheet & Stickers

In the 6-8 / 9-11 / 11+ packs contain
1. history book with
2 related history worksheet and online links to research.
3. nature book
4 nature activity sheet
5. Colouring competition
6. Classic Novel  
7. Book report
8. Maths Activity
9. Creative Writing Worksheet
+ bingo sheet and stickers for each of the above
+ bookmark to colour in
+ craft activity
+ Saturday 

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