Our easy to use high quality range of interior and exterior paints are truly in a league of their own.  We are firm believers that no one type of paint should be used for every project but rather a paint created specifically for those projects. Some of the key features in Autentico Paint include natural binders, water-based, child safe, UV filters, moisture membranes and more

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   Versante Matt - Interior & Exterior use with built in Matt Finish

Autentico Versante Matt is extremely versatile with a built-in moisture membrane and UV filter which makes it water resistant and prevents colours from fading. Versante Matt is suitable for all areas and surfaces including kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and high traffic hallways, walls, woodwork and primed metals such as radiators and pipework as well as withstanding the needs of exterior furniture and fencing. Great for exterior and interior use with a Sheen Value 5% (Matt). Allow min 4 hours between coats and in most projects two coats will be sufficient. 

 Versante Eggshell - Interior & Exterior use with built in Eggshell Finish 

Developed alongside Versante Matt, Versante Eggshell has been tried and tested in all weathers and holds a high scratch resistance – perfect for exterior fencing garden furniture or interior sunrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. We recommend that primer is used and allow 4 hours minimum between coats. Great for exterior and interior use with a Sheen value 15% (Eggshell) and suitable for most surfaces including walls, woodwork and primed metals such as radiators and pipework


A superior chalk paint with high coverage it really is “The Charm of Chalk”.  Autentico Vintage Furniture Paint is perfect for what it really means to use chalk in your paint. Our first paint and certainly what we are most famous for is highly porous, rich in colour and perfect to use with our range of decorative products. Great for up-cycling restorations and makeovers with a Sheen value 2% ultra mat. It sticks to almost any substrate including PVC, glass, wood, amy much more and is suitable for all decorative techniques and is extremely easy to apply with brush, roller or airless spraying. Give a chalky finish which can be varnished or waxed.