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Ceramic Heart Ornament

Ceramic Heart Ornament

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Celebrate a special event with this unique and beautiful Ceramic Heart With Glass. This handmade ornament features a vibrant blue glass heart encased in white glazed ceramic, creating a color scheme that is reminiscent of oceanside vacations and clear summer skies. The swirls of pigmentation in each ornament are one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable, so your glass heart will be unlike any other!

This palm-sized ornament comes comes with a triangular hook and makes a beautiful wall decoration for a zen den, living room, or bedroom. Give this gorgeous ceramic heart to your loved one on their birthday or anniversary, or surprise them with it as a sweet reminder of how much they mean to you every day. 

• Handmade item
• Materials: Earthstone Superwhite Professional Clay, Glass
• Size: 9cm x 9 cm (3 2/4” x 3 2/4”)
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