Whatever the weather

Whatever the weather

I’ve found this week a challenge. I got a bit overwhelmed at the start of the week about just how much I had to do and I realised that I’m operating in ‘urgent’ mode and my goal as to get out and get into ‘important’ mode. So at the start of the week I sent out my goals and with a few more hours of work today I think I’m going to more it less get there.

I’m particqrly pleased because it’s been a really challenging week at home. We had to move in another cot Bed as no 3 was scaling the side and all 3 are in a bed now. This of course comes with the problem of all 3 can get out of the bed so we’ve not been getting them to sleep until crazy times.  In despair on Thursday night I put the two sofas together turned the TV on and snuggled up. I struggled to keep my eyes open but the kids were bouncing. No 1 fell asleep on the rug about 10pm, No 2 had drifted off about 10.45 but then No 3 was drifting off and rolled out of bed and cut his lip and woke no 2. Eventually got no 2 bank to sleep and no 3 came out for cuddles and eventually fell asleep at 11.10. Then no 1 woke up at 12.40 and I spent the night ‘sleeping’ beside her in a kiddie sized bed. 

However, the thing that I’ve found the biggest challenge this week is the weather. Well that’s not fair, it’s people talking about the weather. We always spend as much time outside as we can.

Wednesday was one of the most beautiful days, kids were in the paddling pool, playing outside as we watched the sunset. And sunshine seems to put the whole world on good form. Yet I’d been listening to people  telling me it was ‘going to change’ by the weekend.

Thursday - Me: beautiful morning isn’t it! Them : it’s very breezy today, not as nice as yesterday. And yet yesterday you were telling me how it was too hot/still windy/going to change/going to be a big thunder storm later. I’m still waiting for that big thunder storm!!

I rarely listen to the news or weather reports because they can get you down but it’s a bit harder to tune out people. 😜 We don’t have to wait for a glorious day to bring the kids to the park/beach we go when it’s overcast, cold and sometimes a bit drizzly and the kids still love it!! We don’t just make the most of the sunny days we make the most of everyday. So please, please get a glass that’s half full it’s much more enjoyable than one that’s half empty I find 👍🥛🥤🍷🥃

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