It's time to party...

It's time to party...

So we had the our first party of the year yesterday, which indecently was the same person as the first party as last year, and it was great fun. At the moment we are going a great giveaway for our parties but do you know just how good they are?

We do a few options, basic party package or a themed party. The theme can be whatever you want it to be and whatever they are into. Harry Potter, Unicorns, Baby Shower, Hen, 1st Birthday and loads loads more. 

Our parties last around 2 hours where we do all the work and most importantly all the cleaning up so parents can sit back, relax and take photos. We tailor the party to the birthday boy or girl and will give you several options of things to make sure every child feels special on their special day. 

This party was a Shopkins themed party which means in the morning of the party and set up the workshop with Shopkins tablecloth, plates, napkins and cups. We also have a theme the craft activity for each child that they get to take home and got all the tea, coffee, drinks, music and other bits set up. 

Birthday Girl and mum arrived with cake and settled in to welcome the party guests. When they started arriving we had great fun putting on Shopkins Tatoos and took photos with photo props. Parents got settled in as the kids we started doing the craft activity. For her Party Rachel had picked pompom cupcakes.   

Halfway through we had food - we can provide it or you can arrange it yourself and then after that at this party we did cupcake decorating. We can also do some party games after food such as musical chairs, or a form of pin the tail on the ..... depending on what the theme is. 

We do the cake at the end so we can share it with parents and siblings as they arrive and we give out themed party bags, again we can do theses or you can. Oh I did I mention the birthday girl or boy can come in a week before and make their invitations with me! 

It's really important to me that they feel like it was  just that they wanted and like Rachel they leave telling their mam 'That was the Best Party Ever'. 

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Hi, just wondering about a party. Its not until march but just wondering about pricing.

Sarah Sheridan

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