Hello March

Hello March

Loads of people don't like January but I think my least favourite month is February. For the shortest month of the year it sure feels like a long time passing. Maybe it's impatience for my birthday at the end of the month or maybe people have high expectations after January but it just seems to drag. 

So when March finally rolls around I'm like woo hoo. There is always so many things I like to get involved in at the start of March and once St Patrick's Day comes around well it's hello spring as far as I'm concerned. 

Early March is part of Far Trade Fortnight and we continue to promote and grow our Fair Trade products. We have always been proud to stand by our Irish and Fair Trade Policy and while easy to say we have to work hard to keep it so. The advantages of buying Irish are obvious but Fair Trade means workers that made those products enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and sustainable wages. Forced child and slave labor are strictly prohibited. In our world where it's hard to imagine these conditions it can be easy to forget. 

It's World Book Day on the 5th of March

Seachtain na Gaeilge runs from the 1-17th of March. An international Irish language festival and one of the biggest celebrations of our native language and culture that of course is at the heart of what we do. The snippets my parents taught me growing up did not equip me for the complexities of the language and as someone who has learn to read and write arabic script I do not say that lightly. I think that this is something that make our little corner of Ireland super special and as I'm learning along with my 3 year old daughter I've tired to promote it in the shop. With two native Irish speakers on board in the pop up shop I'm looking forward to our Storytelling on the 7th of March

International Women's Day on the 8th . 

And any of you that follow me know I love #randomdaysoftheyear and the 13th when we pop up is Smart & Sexy Day showing you can be both. So I'm going to put on a nice dress, some heels and try and get through the whole day without taking them off. 

3rd World Wildlife Day
4th World Maths Day
5th World Book Day
6th Day of Unplugging
7th Be Heard Day - Storytelling at Lúnasa 
8th International Women's Day - Fun Fashion Show 
9th Family Birthday
10th Day of Awesomeness 
12th Kidney Day although it's also International Fanny Pack Day LMAO
13th Blame Someone Else Day
14th Learn About Butterflies Day - Maiden Caife at Lúnasa 
15th World Speech Day 
16th Panda Day
17th St Patrick's Day
20th World Storytelling Day & International Day of Happiness
22nd Mother's Day
26th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
29th Pay It Forward Day


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